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Microsoft’s ‘Halo’ effect: Hunting for the next game hit

In the Xbox universe, there’s “Halo” —and there’s everything else. The venerable franchise has sold more than 60 million copies to date and shows no signs of slowing down. While the Master Chief… Continue reading

Happy 15th birthday, Sega Dreamcast!

Few stars have burned as brightly — and burned out as quickly — as Sega’s Dreamcast console. Adored by players from the moment it was announced in 1998, the system was truly ahead… Continue reading

Is this the geekiest wedding ever?

Kristin and Zachary make no effort to hide their love of all things nerdy, including each other. So when they decided to tie the knot, they were determined to let their geek flag… Continue reading

Xbox One adding external storage support, real names

Microsoft is about to tackle one of the biggest problems with the Xbox One. A June system update to Microsoft’s new console will enable support of external storage devices, alleviating fears that owners… Continue reading

U mad, bro? This prototype Xbox 360 controller can sense it

Ever yell at a game because it was too hard or nod off because it was too easy? What if the game could change based on your feelings while playing it? Researchers at… Continue reading

5-year-old exposes Xbox One security flaw

It’s not uncommon for kids to break things. It is, however, pretty special when what they break is the security of a hi-tech video game console. Kristoffer Von Hassel from San Diego’s Ocean… Continue reading

Video game brain drain: Top execs leave industry

As the video game industry says goodbye to one generation of hardware, it’s also saying goodbye to a number of high-profile names. In the past several weeks, well-known, high-ranking executives at Microsoft’s Xbox division… Continue reading

Renowned Xbox gamer becomes the first to reach 1 million Achievement points

Achievement unlocked. It took eight years and three months, but insatiable gamer Raymond Cox has finally done what he set out to do: reach the unthinkable Xbox Live Gamerscore of 1 million. Cox,… Continue reading

Is the Xbox One in trouble?

Roughly three months after the Xbox One hit stores, its price was cut. On February 24, Microsoft lowered the retail price of its next generation console in the UK from £429.99 to £399.99, the equivalent… Continue reading

Microsoft’s upcoming Xbox One update will target social features

The Xbox One may have gotten out to a strong sales start, but there have been a few bumps along the way — especially with the system’s social features. Many of those problems could… Continue reading