Nintendo pulling plug on Wii, DS online play

Nintendo nintendo-wifi-gonehas never been a leader in the online space — the efforts of the Wii and DS in this area were always fairly weak — but those who used the service certainly appreciated it.

Those days are coming to an end, though, as the company has announced plans to discontinue its Wi-Fi Connection service as part of the slow, ongoing sunsetting of both systems.

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The 10 worst habits of online gamers

When you’ve got the right group of people, playing a video game online can be a blast. Opponents are evenly matched, the gameplay is never predicable, and you might even make a friend in the process.

Those sessions, unfortunately, are rare. Too often, online gaming brings out the worst in people. You’ll have to deal with tirades, cheaters, and griefers, jerks who get pleasure torturing other players.

There are plenty of bad habits in the online gaming world, but here are ten of the worst.

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