Nintendo pulling plug on Wii, DS online play

Nintendo nintendo-wifi-gonehas never been a leader in the online space — the efforts of the Wii and DS in this area were always fairly weak — but those who used the service certainly appreciated it.

Those days are coming to an end, though, as the company has announced plans to discontinue its Wi-Fi Connection service as part of the slow, ongoing sunsetting of both systems.

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Georgia teen shot for holding Wii controller

The teen-killed-wii-remotefamily of a 17-year-old Georgia student who was shot and killed by police last Friday is claiming their son had a Nintendo Wii remote in his hand — not a gun, as police have stated.

Christopher Roupe was shot when police in Euharlee, GA (about an hour northwest of Atlanta) showed up to serve a probation violation warrant for Roupe’s father. The officer says Roupe pointed a gun at her when he opened the door, but the family argues otherwise.

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Wii Mini coming to U.S. later this month

The wii-mini-usWii may be winding down its life cycle, but the Wii Mini is just getting started.

Roughly a year after introducing the scaled-down version of the last generation console to Canada, Nintendo has announced plans to bring the Wii Mini to the U.S. in the coming weeks. Nintendo declined to give an exact release date, saying only “mid-November.”

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Dismal Wii U sales continue to dog Nintendo

How wii-u-sales-fiscal-year-13bad are things for the Wii U? Between the end of March and the end of September this year, Nintendo sold just 460,000 units of the system, the company confirmed in their latest earnings report.

Released last November, life-to-date sales of the Wii U stand at 3.91 million units, according to the company. That makes the Wii U one of the worst performing game systems of the past decade.

A bold claim? Yes, but take a look at first four fiscal quarters for other notable video game systems:

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The life of the Nintendo Wii – through the eyes of Satoru Iwata

Chris iwataMorris takes a look back at his many conversations about the Wii with Nintendo’s leader

No one had a better view of the development and evolution of the Wii than Satoru Iwata.

Throughout the console’s seven-year life-cycle, the president of Nintendo acted as its biggest cheerleader, defender and, at times, critic. He was a driving force in the company selling over 100 million systems and is now trying to spur that sort of interest in the Wii’s successor.


Nintendo officially shuts down Wii console production

After wii-production-endsseven years and over 100 million units sold, Nintendo has said a quiet goodbye to the Wii.

Nintendo Japan made the news official today with a short statement on the system’s product page that read simply “production over.” It marked a particularly subdued ending for a console that had such a dramatic impact on the gaming world.

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Nintendo’s getting a little desperate in attempts to sell Wii U

The wii-u-marketing-mess-top630Wii U’s not living up to Nintendo’s sales expectations, and that’s causing the company to get a bit…creative…with its marketing plans.

Taking a cue from the viral marketing that works so well in the mobile industry, Nintendo is relying on its own older products to upsell its new system, attaching a blatant marketing message to the most recent Wii system update.

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Wii U Sales Tanked in January, Should Investors Worry?

It’s wiiU-getty.240x160much too early to dub Nintendo’s next-generation videogame system a failure, but it’s certainly off to a lousy start.

The Wii U sold just 46,000 hardware units in January at brick and mortar locations — a shockingly low number for a console that was just released in late November. To put it in perspective, the Wii sold 348,000 units during that system’s comparable period in 2007.


Nintendo shrinks the Wii for Canadian gamers

Just over a week after Nintendo rolled out its new Wii U console, the video game company is introducing another one. U.S. shoppers, however, won’t be able to get their hands on it yet.

The Wii Mini, a shrunken version of the now-officially-last-generation console, is going on sale December 7th exclusively in Canada. It will cost Great White North gamers (and those Yanks who slip across the border) a mere $100.

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