PlayStation 4 is out, but can you get one?

The playstation4_650PlayStation 4 is finally in the wild – but finding one is nearly as hard as it was three days ago when the system had yet to launch.

Several retailers are reporting sell-outs of their initial stock – in both major metropolitan areas as well as more rural areas. And, even though the system has only been on sale a few hours, some stores are preemptively shutting down inquiries when you try to check.

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Didn’t pre-order? Here’s how to get an Xbox One or PS4

The xbox-one-ps4launch of next-generation consoles generally means one thing: A retail feeding frenzy. And this year, with both the PlayStation 4 (Nov. 15) and the Xbox One (Nov. 22) hitting the market a week apart, it should be especially ferocious.

The best way to ensure you get one was to pre-order, but that ship, for the most part, has sailed. Microsoft says pre-orders for the Xbox One sold out quicker than either of its predecessors, and the PS4 has been red hot since E3. Antsy gamers snatched up pre-order allotments for both systems from sites like Amazon and GameStop.

There’s still hope nabbing a launch day system if you haven’t reserved yours, though it won’t be easy.

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