Sony sells 5.3 million PlayStation 4 systems, extends console war lead

The sony-playstation-4-signPlayStation 4 is fast becoming a juggernaut.

In a statement early Tuesday, Sony announced that sales of their flagship next-gen console have topped 5.3 million units worldwide through February 8. That’s significantly ahead of schedule, as the company was predicting sales of 5 million by the end of March 2014.

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The 5 biggest gaming stories of 2013

Another 5-stories-2013-xbone-ps4year is nearly in the books, and for gamers, it was a biggie.

Sony and Microsoft released their long-awaited next generation systems. Rockstar Games didn’t just break records, it blew them to smithereens. Players saw tons of new avenues open up, while an increasingly connected world brought plenty of headaches.

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PS4, Xbox One sales blow past their predecessors

To Gamers Queue For Playstation 4 Launchsay the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are off to a strong start is the understatement of the year.

The November sales of both systems topped not only the first month of the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 – but sold more units than their predecessors did in their first three to four months following their launches, according to BMO Capital Markets analyst Edward Williams.

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PlayStation 4 sales top 2 million units in two weeks

The ps4-2millionPlayStation 4 has crossed another milestone.

According to Sony, the system has sold through 2.1 million units just two weeks after hitting shelves, a record-setting worldwide mark for the PlayStation brand. That follows the launch of the next-generation console in Europe, Australasia (Australia, New Zealand, New Guinea and other neighboring islands) and Latin America.

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PlayStation 4 is out, but can you get one?

The playstation4_650PlayStation 4 is finally in the wild – but finding one is nearly as hard as it was three days ago when the system had yet to launch.

Several retailers are reporting sell-outs of their initial stock – in both major metropolitan areas as well as more rural areas. And, even though the system has only been on sale a few hours, some stores are preemptively shutting down inquiries when you try to check.

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Sony looking into PS4 hardware troubles

The ps4_650PlayStation 4 doesn’t officially launch until 12:01am Friday, but Sony’s already dealing with its first possible crisis.

A tweet from Shuhei Yoshida, president of PlayStation Worldwide Studios, confirmed the company was looking into reports that there were hardware issues with the new console.

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