10 Porn Stars Who Went Mainstream

While plenty of adult stars dream of making the transition to traditional acting, their dreams rarely become reality. Hollywood — and mainstream culture, in general — tend to segregate the men and women of porn, keeping them at arm’s length.

But there are some performers whose drive, persistence and fan base lets them break through. Some make it onto the big screen. Others take a different path. But by the time they’re done, their names are known by a much wider audience than they started with. Here are 10 who have managed to make the transition to ‘civilian’ celebrity.

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THQ’s Newfound Porn Obsession

Gamasutra Editor-at-large Chris Morris takes a look at THQ’s use of adult entertainment stars in the promotion and voice talent for its Saints Row games, seeing risks for the franchise in the publicity stunt.

I know my way around the world of pornography.

One of the perks of being an editor-at-large at several publications is you often pick up some interesting assignments. Among the ones I’ve been handed were a series of stories about the business side of the adult entertainment industry. It’s actually an industry that reminded me a lot of the video game field – one that’s very easy to judge on the surface, but one that’s a lot more complex once you peek behind the curtain.

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