10 Patriotic Video Games

Mother america's armyNature is ruining quite a few Independence Day cookouts. With a Hurricane Watch along the east coast and parts of the Midwest still drying out after this week’s major rains, a lot of people are going to have to bypass the fireworks and parades.

The upside? That means more time for video games! And, given the holiday, why not play one that proudly waves the flag?

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Critics: Saints Row IV is big, goofy fun

Saints saints-row-4-topRow IV may not be a game people point to when making the “games are art” argument, but that’s not stopping critics from lavishing praise on the latest installment of this open-world action romp — even if they feel a little guilty doing so.

In a year filled with games that take themselves quite seriously, Saints Row IV revels in its utter ridiculousness. In the game’s first 30 minutes, you’ll travel from the Middle East to the White House to an alien space ship. And that’s just the set up for a story that borrows liberally from “The Matrix,” “Independence Day,” Mass Effect, and Grand Theft Auto.

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THQ assets sold off, company shuts down

THQ thq-logohas shut its doors.

A bankruptcy auction marked the formal end of the company that was once the industry’s third largest publisher, divvying up its pieces among bidders like Vikings after a raid. Several companies bought THQ’s franchises and developers for total of about $72 million.

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THQ split-up complete as competitors take pieces

THQ, saints_row_2once the third-largest publisher in the videogame industry, is no more.

A bankruptcy auction, concluded Wednesday, has broken up the company into pieces and sold them to competitors, along with its key videogame titles and licenses, dashing executives’ hopes that it could remain intact with the help of a corporate white knight.

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THQ’s Newfound Porn Obsession

Gamasutra Editor-at-large Chris Morris takes a look at THQ’s use of adult entertainment stars in the promotion and voice talent for its Saints Row games, seeing risks for the franchise in the publicity stunt.

I know my way around the world of pornography.

One of the perks of being an editor-at-large at several publications is you often pick up some interesting assignments. Among the ones I’ve been handed were a series of stories about the business side of the adult entertainment industry. It’s actually an industry that reminded me a lot of the video game field – one that’s very easy to judge on the surface, but one that’s a lot more complex once you peek behind the curtain.

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Interview: CEO Farrell On THQ’s Path Through The Changing Game Landscape

[Gamasutra’s Editor-at-Large Chris Morris spoke to THQ CEO Brian Farrell as the company ramps up its digital distribution business while experimenting with lower price-points for boxed product.]

THQ and the broader video game industry have a lot in common. Both have struggled financially in the past couple of years. Both are seeing their role in the greater entertainment landscape change. And both are seeing the evolution of financial models that have served them well for years.

Leading the charge for those changes at THQ is CEO Brian Farrell. He’s in the unenviable position of leading a company that’s in the midst of what he calls a “turnaround year” – with significant growth not expected to resume until 2012. To get the company to that point, though, he’s throwing out a lot of the industry’s standard practices and he’s raising a few eyebrows in the process.

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