Snoop Dogg is ready to narrate your Call of Duty: Ghosts matches

The snoop-dogg-codbreakout star of Call of Duty: Ghosts was the dog. Could the breakout star of the game’s downloadable content be the Doggy Dogg?

Call of Duty: Ghosts, which has been getting stranger with each recent DLC release, has amped up the weirdness with a new ‘voice pack’ featuring none other than the rapper/actor/weed enthusiast.

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As Medical Marijuana Proliferates, Pot Prices Decline Nationwide

Recreational users of marijuana are seeing price cuts on the street thanks to the growing number of states that have approved the drug for medicinal use.

The price of cannabis, of course, varies wildly—depending on the strain purchased, its potency and the parts of the plant. Top quality pot in New York, for example, costs nearly $442 per ounce, while low quality is just $161, according to one website that tracks costs,