Nintendo Sells 400,000 Wii U Units in First Week

Nintendo’s next generation console system is selling fast in the U.S., but it’s still falling a bit short of the pace set by its predecessor.

Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime says the company sold 400,000 units in its first six days of availability, including Black Friday, and that the system is currently “essentially sold out” at retail.


Nintendo Hits a Few Hurdles in Wii U Launch

System launches from Nintendo tend to be smooth running affairs, but the ambitious nature of the Wii U has presented a few stumbling blocks for the company.

Within hours of the next generation console’s debut, new owners were grumbling about a system update that kept them from playing for an hour or more, sporadic system outages and anticipated features that were delayed at the last minute.


Analysts chime in on Wii U’s mid-term forecast

The Wii U is going to be a big seller this holiday season. That’s about as bold a prediction as saying Black Ops II will top the November NPD charts.

But what happens when Santa returns to the North Pole and the first wave of consumer fanaticism has started to calm down? That’s when Nintendo’s new system will really be put to the test.

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Wii U already selling out

We’re still a good two months out from the official North American launch of the Wii U, but Nintendo’s next generation console system is already proving to be one of the holiday’s must-have items.

Several major retailers are already old out of the system online, meaning they’ve put a halt on pre-orders. Others, it seems, aren’t even giving people the online pre-order option, apparently reserving their stock for the launch day stampede.

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