Using big data to search for Bigfoot

Big bigfootdata have been used for a variety of unusual things, but its latest use might be its most strange yet: The hunt for Sasquatch.

Josh Stevens, a PhD candidate at Penn State University, has compiled 92 years worth of data on Bigfoot, showing where the mythical creature has reportedly been wandering—and how it compares to population growth in North America.


Review: Blue Microphones Yeti and Snowball

The days of having to own pro-level audio equipment to produce a professional sounding podcast may be far behind us, but a bad mic can still ruin your credibility and cause an audience to flee. Fortunately, Blue Microphones has produced a pair of pro/am mics that are not only affordable, but produce an audio quality that comes within shooting distance of systems that cost thousands of dollars.

The company offers two mics – the less expensive Snowball and the higher-priced Yeti. Determining the best for you will largely depend on your needs.

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