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Gaming 2010: No New Consoles, but Plenty of Tech Advances

While the video game industry has its share of problems, complacency is not one of them. Innovations roll out at a staggering pace—which is part of the reason gaming can be such an… Continue reading

Hollywood and Gaming: Over and Done With?

Not too many years ago, studios would have fought tooth and nail for the licensing rights to an upcoming film that had hit potential. Today, it’s a much less crowded field. THQ, which… Continue reading

Cloud Computing: A Paradigm Shift For Gaming

There’s a fox in the henhouse at E3 this year. As Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo promote their upcoming hardware innovations and try to extend the life cycle of this generation of consoles, a burgeoning company… Continue reading

Video Games Under The Gun, as Big Changes Loom

As the video game industry gathers at E3 to look forward to the holiday season and what it hopes are more prosperous times, storm clouds are gathering on the horizon that have the potential… Continue reading

Video Game Mecca: What’s Hot and What’s Next

Best Buy has nothing on this geek squad. Los Angeles is under siege, with as many as 45,000 video game industry insiders and onlookers descending upon the Los Angeles Convention Center for E3—one… Continue reading

The Best Selling Video Games of 2010

As the video game industry gets set to show off the games that will dominate the charts in the back half of 2010 and early 2011, what better time to see what has… Continue reading

Video Game Sales Down, But Old Favorites Hold On

The midway point of 2010 is fast approaching, and so far there’s not a lot to cheer about in the video game world. Sales of software titles are down 8 percent year to… Continue reading

This Year’s Video Game Summit: What to Expect

If the video game world were following its normal cycle, console makers would be revealing details of their next generation systems in less than two weeks. This cycle is anything but normal, though… Continue reading

Microsoft Xbox Chief Out as Division Stumbles

Microsoft is shaking up its entertainment and devices division, the group responsible for many of its most familiar consumer devices. Robbie Bach, a 22-year veteran of the company and president of the unit… Continue reading

Halo’s ‘Reach’ Expands, Microsoft Preps for A Big Holiday

If there’s one truth in the videogame world, it’s this: Never bet against the sales success of a new “Halo” or “Grand Theft Auto”. But as Microsoft prepares to launch “Halo: Reach” this… Continue reading