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The movies meet Foursquare

Foursquare, a location-based application that rewards points and badges to users, is one of the fastest growing iPhone apps on the market. Now, another company is taking the framework of that technology and… Continue reading

Windows Media Center coming to the set-top box?

Microsoft is looking to expand the footprint of its Windows 7 Media Center – and that could have folks at Tivo real nervous.   The company today announced that it was releasing what… Continue reading

Now Redbox will delay new DVD releases

Netflix isn’t the only movie rental service that has agreed to delay giving its customers new releases. Redbox has struck a deal with Twentieth Century Fox and Universal to wait 28 days before… Continue reading

Constantin Films vs. the Internet

Stories about film studios that have had YouTube rip down videos featuring copyrighted works are a dime a dozen, but it’s not that often that you see the surfers of the Web unite… Continue reading

Mandalay’s Guber lands Board seat at Demand Media

Demand Media, the company behind online hits such as eHow, and Cracked, is expanding its reach, adding both Hollywood and Internet heavyweights to its board of directors. Peter Guber, chair of Mandalay… Continue reading

ABC’s iPad crush

It was no surprise that Disney-owned ABC was one of the first media companies to embrace the iPad. Steve Jobs, after all, is a prominent board member. But now that the first numbers… Continue reading

Caan strives to give indie filmmakers a break with Openfilm

With consolidation sweeping through the film industry and indie shingles closing down at a rapid clip, it’s harder than ever for budding filmmakers to get a break. But a new Website that counts… Continue reading