Next from Hollywood? Tetris: The Motion Picture

Hollywood, tetriswhich has been increasingly leaning on the video game world for story ideas, might be getting a bit desperate.

Threshold Entertainment has announced plans to develop a feature film based on Tetris, the shape matching arcade game that took the world by storm 30 years ago. And while the game itself might have been a bit light on plot, that’s not stopping filmmakers from re-imagining it as a science fiction blockbuster.

No, really!


Cinema second screen?

For theater owners (and studios), cell phones and tablets are the enemy today, distracting, and often angering, filmgoers. But a contingent of entertainment industry executives sees potential in the second screen inside movie theaters — and says it won’t be long before cinema chains agree.

“Cinemas have changed over the years, from being privately owned one-off, one-screen affairs to multiplexes owned by major corporations,” says Peter Wilson, director of High Definition and Digital Cinema. “They’re a bean counter-led business, where every square centimeter has to make money.”

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Opinion: The Video Game-Home Video Disconnect

[Gamasutra editor-at-large Chris Morris looks at the odd disconnect between video games and the film industry, discussing the ins-and-outs of “transmedia”, and how publishers could potentially take advantage of the system.]

Video games and Hollywood have always been the Woody Allen and Soon-Yi of the entertainment world. They’re together forever, but the fit has always been an odd one — and a little creepy at times.

Yet, for all the talk of film and video game synergy, you don’t see a lot of real world applications. Typically, the drill goes something like this: Studio wants to extend the reach of its upcoming nerd-friendly film; reaches agreement with game publisher; crappy game ensues (usually due to severely restricted development windows).

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Sony to pair game demo with Battle: Los Angeles Blu-ray

For all the talk of film and video game synergy, you don’t see a lot of real world applications. Now, Sony’s putting its money where its mouth is.

The company will include a demo for the upcoming “Resistance 3” in the Blu-ray release of “Battle: Los Angeles”. The game is expected to hit store shelves in September.

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Warner’s online on-demand arm to distribute select Sony films

Sony is leveraging Warner Bros.’s online distribution arm to build the audience for some of its unheralded classics.

Starting today, the Warner Archive Collection will add 150 on-demand titles from the Sony catalog, including “Genghis Khan,” “A Song To Remember” and “A Study In Terror”.

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10 days, 10 million downloads for Angry Birds Rio

Maybe this will make those cranky canaries happy.

Rovio, developer of the hit “Angry Birds” series, has revealed via Twitter that its latest title – “Angry Birds Rio” – has hit the 10 million download mark in just 10 days.

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‘Yoostar 2’ puts you in pictures

Your high school drama teacher might have suggested that the best place for you when it comes to acting is in the audience, but does a PhD give him the ability to spot raw talent? No way!

Fortunately, with the help of an Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3, you can finally show the world your star potential by acting it out in some of Hollywood’s biggest blockbusters.

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BitTorrent to world premiere feature – intentionally

BitTorrent isn’t usually a service studios want to partner with. The favorite application of movie and software pirates, the service is widely demonized throughout the state of California.

But the makers of The Tunnel will world premier their direct-to-DVD film on the service on May 19  – and they’ve doing so with the full cooperation of Paramount.

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