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Scenes from the Adult Entertainment Expo

There are a few constants in Las Vegas every January. The tech world will descend upon the town right after New Year’s for the International Consumer Electronics Show, or CES. And not too… Continue reading

Porn becomes less seedy, but not quite mainstream

On the surface, it would seem like 2015 is an ideal year for porn to break into the mainstream. Adult actresses are becoming increasingly well known—making cameos on popular TV shows and sometimes… Continue reading

Porn is seducing crowdfunders

Crowdfunding has worked its way into just about every corner of everyday life these days. Donors can pledge money to new tech, upcoming major motion pictures and even potato salad, so it really… Continue reading

Porn’s great rotation: Goodbye tech, hello 2nd Amendment

Porn, it would seem, has traded in one set of bedfellows for another. For 12 years, the Adult Entertainment Expo (AEE) and CES went hand in hand. Starting in 2012, however, many attendees… Continue reading

Porn’s new capitals: Romania and Colombia?

Telecommuting is shaking up the porn industry. Camgirls—models who earn their living by stripping (and more) in front of a computer webcam for hundreds of people watching live online—are taking advantage of the… Continue reading

Porn industry embraces plus-sized business

The porn industry has a long history of spotlighting women with Barbie-like figures and impossible proportions. But just as pop culture began to feature women with more natural figures in TV, movies and… Continue reading

Porn stars’ best business advice: Diversify

Not too long ago, the chief requirement to become a porn superstar was to have sex on camera, and do so in an enticing fashion to win over fans. Today, the rules have… Continue reading

Porn stars shooting guns: The big business of sin

The U.S. porn industry is a $14 billion business, and the U.S. gun industry is a $38 billion business, both roughly speaking. And sometimes, the two meet in spectacular fashion. Read more at… Continue reading

The most powerful people in porn

While red hot stars in the porn industry come and go, the behind-the-scenes power players tend to lead more stable professional lives. But as the industry has changed in recent years, some of… Continue reading

Porn business optimistic despite piracy, condom battles

The porn industry got in a lot of fights in 2014, and from the look of things, 2015 is going to be a brawler of a year as well. Piracy and condoms continue… Continue reading