Tesla, Apple and…electronic sex toys? How porn stars would invest $10,000

When PornStarInvestingAdviceit comes to the right place to invest your money, everyone has a suggestion. That’s true in the world of adult entertainment as well.

Last week, as the stars and superstars of the porn world walked the red carpet before the AVN Awards—the industry’s equivalent of the Oscars—CNBC decided to ask them how they’d invest if they had a little spare cash lying around.

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The Dirty Dozen: Porn’s biggest stars

Every DirtyDozen2015year, there’s a flood of new actresses who enter the porn world.

Most wash out quickly, but those who quickly amass a fan base can find some longevity. Those fans are the key to success, as studios look for sure bets and tend to invest more in films starring those actresses.

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