The Dirty Dozen 2013 – Porn’s Most Popular Stars

Fame, 100354788-woman-sexy-legs-02-gettyp.600x400in any part of the celebrity world, is a fleeting thing – but that’s especially true in the porn industry.

A new generation of porn stars is on the rise and while the old guard is certainly not stepping out of the spotlight, there are a lot of up-and-comers eager to take their place.

With the industry’s annual expo under way in Las Vegas Jan. 16-19, we’ve once again assembled a list of the most popular porn stars. This year, however, only four of the actors who appeared on last year’s list make a return.


Is the Porn Industry Imperiled?

The porn industry stands at a precipice as it heads into 2012.

Online piracy continues to nip at the earnings of studios, and new legislation could dramatically impact how companies do business. So it makes sense, in a way, that the industry’s annual convention is facing big changes as well.


Porn: What’s The Next Big Thing?

The pornography business is a tech bellwether, often sensing the shift in consumer sentiment long before the mainstream world makes a move.

So as the adult entertainment industry’s stars and power brokers walked the red carpet at the recent AVN Awards in Las Vegas – the adult entertainment industry’s equivalent of the Oscars – we polled a few, asking them what they thought would be the next big trend to sweep the industry.