Zombie vs. Zombie: Why The Walking Dead works better as a game

The zombie renaissance is in full swing — and if you’re looking to crown the current king of undead entertainment, it’s pretty hard not to pick The Walking Dead. The hit drama based on the equally awesome comic book franchise boasts legions of fans and some of the highest-rated episodes on AMC.

But the best Walking Dead experience currently out there isn’t found in a book or on a DVR. It’s happening in a spot all too familiar with zombie epidemics: your video game console.

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AMC, Sony team for Uncharted 3 debut

Want to play what’s likely to be this year’s biggest PlayStation 3 game on a big screen? I mean a really big screen? Get thee to the local Cineplex!

AMC and Sony have teamed up to let gamers play “Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception” in 3D and in the theater in select cities nationwide.

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