Gamasutra’s Best Of 2010: Top 5 Unexpected Gaming Events

[In a light-hearted post-Christmas countdown, Gamasutra editor-at-large Chris Morris examines the unexpected moments of 2010 in gaming, from Justice Kagan on Mortal Kombat to Panasonic’s Jungle.]

Talk about a topsy-turvy year. The video game industry has weathered its share of good and bad in 2010, but what made things really interesting were the completely unexpected moments – things we could never have predicted, no matter how many clues we were given.

From THQ’s decision to launch an experimental pricing strategythat could lob $20 off the price of games if it’s successful, to the return of a circus-like E3 environment (topped by Activision’s Lollapalooza-like concert), there were plenty of shocking moments in 2010.

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The Year In Review: Game Biz Analysts On The Best Happenings Of 2010

[Gamasutra asked a half-dozen of the most notable game industry analysts about the best and worst things to happen to the game industry this year — with some intriguing and unexpected responses.]

Wall Street analysts spend most of their time looking forward – trying to predict future trends and events in the video game industry. Rather than having them pull out crystal balls as we inch towards 2011, we thought it would be interesting to ask them to look in their rear view mirrors and give their thoughts on the year that was.

We start on a positive note – looking at the best changes of the year. (The group’s thoughts on what went wrong will run next week.)

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The best of iTunes: 2010

Apple has put together its list of the top apps and downloads for 2010 – giving an interesting look at how its user base is using its various products.

Games rule supreme for iPhone owners, who pushed them to the top of the paid program charts, but for iPad users, business software beat out everything else.

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