Panasonic cancels the ‘Jungle’

Panasonic finally saw the Jungle for the trees.

The consumer electronics company has abandoned its plans to create a handheld gaming device – which was codenamed ‘Jungle’ – that would have focused on massively-multiplayer online games for the portable audience.

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Panasonic exits the ‘Jungle’

Panasonic is headed back to the city.

The consumer electronics giant has stopped development on its handheld gaming system that was code-named Jungle “due to changes in the market and in [the company’s] strategic direction”.

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Gamasutra’s Best Of 2010: Top 5 Unexpected Gaming Events

[In a light-hearted post-Christmas countdown, Gamasutra editor-at-large Chris Morris examines the unexpected moments of 2010 in gaming, from Justice Kagan on Mortal Kombat to Panasonic’s Jungle.]

Talk about a topsy-turvy year. The video game industry has weathered its share of good and bad in 2010, but what made things really interesting were the completely unexpected moments – things we could never have predicted, no matter how many clues we were given.

From THQ’s decision to launch an experimental pricing strategythat could lob $20 off the price of games if it’s successful, to the return of a circus-like E3 environment (topped by Activision’s Lollapalooza-like concert), there were plenty of shocking moments in 2010.

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Can Panasonic Survive the Video Game ‘Jungle’?

Seventeen years ago, Panasonic tried to break into the video game industry, lasting only three years before it was forced out. Now it’s ready to try again.

The company has unveiled the Jungle, a new handheld gaming system that will target players of online games. It’s a niche other companies have left wide open, but analysts—to put it kindly—are extremely skeptical about the company’s odds of success.


Opinion: Panasonic Can’t See The Jungle For The Trees

[In his latest opinion piece, Gamasutra editor-at-large Chris Morris tackles the just-announced Panasonic Jungle, asking some tough questions about the surprise MMO-focused handheld system launch.]

There’s a line between brave and foolish – and earlier this week, Panasonic vaulted over it like an Olympic long jumper.

The Jungle, the electronics company’s upcoming handheld gaming system, was unveiled Tuesday – and immediately met with a combination of skepticism, confusion and indifference.

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