10 lessons learned from Kickstarter’s hall of fame

Kickstarter Kickstarter lessonshas raised a lot of money in its short history. Over the past five years, contributors to the crowdfunding site have pledged more than $1.2 billion, successfully funding more than 65,000 projects.

Most of those projects raised $10,000 or less, but every now and then there’s a true breakout—something that goes viral and collects substantially more. We’ve already run down the top money earners for you, but what happened after the campaign ended?

Here’s a look at what has happened after backers gave their money, along with some important lessons—both good and bad—that crowdfunding hopefuls can learn from Kickstarter’s 10 biggest success stories.

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Meet the Scanadu Scout, the real-life ‘Star Trek’ tricorder

No star-trek-scanadu-top630Bones about it — the Star Trek tricorder has been beamed down.

An integral part of the U.S.S. Enterprise’s sick bay, the handheld medical scanner used on the original show by Dr. Leonard McCoy has been transformed into a real-world tool for today’s doctors and nurses, both in hospitals and in homes.

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