10 lessons learned from Kickstarter’s hall of fame

Kickstarter Kickstarter lessonshas raised a lot of money in its short history. Over the past five years, contributors to the crowdfunding site have pledged more than $1.2 billion, successfully funding more than 65,000 projects.

Most of those projects raised $10,000 or less, but every now and then there’s a true breakout—something that goes viral and collects substantially more. We’ve already run down the top money earners for you, but what happened after the campaign ended?

Here’s a look at what has happened after backers gave their money, along with some important lessons—both good and bad—that crowdfunding hopefuls can learn from Kickstarter’s 10 biggest success stories.

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Why taking on Sony, Microsoft isn’t child’s play

One ouya-kabamyear ago, Ouya seemed poise to change the gaming world.

The console was a crowdfunding sensation. Having raised $8.6 million on Kickstarter in late 2012, its success attracted the notice of noted venture capitalists (Kleiner Perkins was among the firms that took part in a subsequent $15 million fundraising). With its $99 price tag, the Android system seemed poised to shake up the hierarchy of the console world. And that’s why it was one of two gaming companies named to CNBC’s 2013 Disruptor 50 list.

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The 5 biggest gaming stories of 2013

Another 5-stories-2013-xbone-ps4year is nearly in the books, and for gamers, it was a biggie.

Sony and Microsoft released their long-awaited next generation systems. Rockstar Games didn’t just break records, it blew them to smithereens. Players saw tons of new avenues open up, while an increasingly connected world brought plenty of headaches.

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Ouya CEO: “We have done a lot of things wrong”

To julie-uhrman-ouyasay the launch of the Ouya microconsole has been rocky is sort of like saying passengers on the Titanic had to deal with some humidity issues.

Pretty much anything that could go wrong for the start-up has done just that. CEO Julie Uhrman, at a recent talk at the XOXO technology festival, acknowledged that she and her team were responsible for a lot of those missteps.

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Amazon reportedly developing a game console

Everyone’s amazon-consolegetting in on the video game console act these days.

Game Informer reports that retail giant Amazon is developing an Android-based gaming system, due for release later this year. The company will reportedly use its existing base of Android games to provide a catalog for the system. Amazon is also said to be working on its own controller.

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Despite The Last of Us, overall game sales down in June

Joel, last-of-us-june-salesEllie and those terrifying Clickers did their best to boost video game sales in June, but it was just another doomed mission for the duo.

Software sales last month were down 10 percent to $296.1 million, according to The NPD Group. The decline was moderate compared to recent months, though, a bit of optimism in an otherwise gloomy report.

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Critics: Ouya console not ready for prime time

Ouya, ouya-final-reviews-top630the little console that could, may have taken an unusual path to the retail world, but it made it. The $99 Android-based gaming system that was a Kickstarter sensation has exited its beta phase and, as of Tuesday, is available for purchase at online retailers like Amazon, Best Buy, GameStop and Target.

But how does the system stand up to criticism? When Ouya sent out early versions of the hardware to those Kickstarter backers, it was eviscerated in reviews. The company protested, saying what was sent wasn’t final hardware.

Unfortunately, the first looks at the retail system aren’t much more complimentary.

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Ouya tries to crash E3, feuds with ESA

The ouya_630main event at this year’s E3 may be the slugfest between Sony and Microsoft, but the undercard is pretty interesting, too.

Ouya, the forthcoming Android-based console that raised millions on Kickstarter, has gotten into a feud with the Entertainment Software Association, the host of the show – one that has been steadily escalating and may or may not have included a call to the Los Angeles police department.

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Ouya console gets $15 million in extra funding, delayed to June 25

After ouya-delayed-top630securing $8.5 million on Kickstarter last year, the Ouya game console has further guaranteed itself some financial breathing room with a $15 million venture capital injection.

A group led by Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers (whose other investments include Zynga and Groupon) has invested the money, which Ouya says will be used to support the Android console’s developer community and “meet increased demand” for the retail launch.

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