EA to triple payments in football game class-action suit

Did ea-football-class-action-top640you buy an EA football game between 2003 and 2012? You might have some money coming to you — even more than you thought.

Recent modifications to the class-action settlement EA made regarding the games could triple the amount paid out to claimants. Under the new terms, people will receive $20.37 per game, as opposed to $6.79, if they bought a copy for the PlayStation 2, Xbox, GameCube or Windows PC. Those who bought a version for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Wii will see $5.85 per game, instead of $1.95.

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EA faces class action suit over Madden

If you’ve bought a copy of Madden or NCAA Football in the past six years, you might have found an interesting email in your in-box over the last few days.

A pair of disgruntled gamers have filed a class action suit against Electronic Arts over the games, accusing the publisher of overcharging customers and stifling competition, via its exclusivity agreement with the NFL, NFL Players Association and other leagues.

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