July game sales fall, but Nintendo’s 3DS continues to rise

As ncaa-football-14-npd-july-13the launch of the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 inches closer, gamers are being even more careful with their money.

For the sixth month in a row, sales of video game software, the most closely-watched figure from The NPD Group, were down once again in July. The good news is that was slightly better than some analysts were predicting.

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College athletes score big in court victory over EA

Electronic Samuel-Keller-Arizona-StateArts’ college sports franchises have been sacked by a U.S. federal appeals court.

In a 2-1 vote, the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals agreed with a lower court that EA had used the images in its video games of several ex-NCAA athletes without their permission in its NCAA football and basketball series. The decision comes two weeks after EA lost the rights to put the NCAA logo and name on its games beyond this year.

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Bo Jackson returns to video games

Even bo-jackson-ncaa-football-2014-top630in retirement, Bo knows how to make a splash.

Bo Jackson, whose multi-sport talent, iconic Nike commercials and ridiculously dominant video game presence made him a sensation in the 1990s, has been largely absent from the video game world for nearly 25 years. Now he’s coming out of digital seclusion — but maybe not in the game you’d expect.

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EA to triple payments in football game class-action suit

Did ea-football-class-action-top640you buy an EA football game between 2003 and 2012? You might have some money coming to you — even more than you thought.

Recent modifications to the class-action settlement EA made regarding the games could triple the amount paid out to claimants. Under the new terms, people will receive $20.37 per game, as opposed to $6.79, if they bought a copy for the PlayStation 2, Xbox, GameCube or Windows PC. Those who bought a version for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Wii will see $5.85 per game, instead of $1.95.

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America’s Radio News Network – March 21, 2013

Every arnnThursday, I join the mid-day edition of America’s Radio News Network to discuss trends and news in the technology and video game space. This week, we looked at the best ways to watch the NCAA tournament at your office and a new television that has a truly horse-choking price tag.

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NBA legend Bill Russell sues EA, NCAA

Electronic Arts, which has struggled with its basketball titles for the past couple of years, now has another hardwood woe: One of the game’s all-time greats.

Former Boston Celtic center Bill Russell has sued the company over the use of his likeness in its “Tournament of Legends” feature in the NCAA basketball franchise.

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App review: NCAA Football by EA SPORTS

Given that NCAA Football BY EA Sports is a year old, we’re willing to give it a few breaks, but the number of problems with this game are so overwhelming that it’s impossible to write them off. The frame rate is so choppy that players seem to be staggering on screen. The controls are frustrating and imprecise. The graphics are sub-par for what the iPhone and iPod Touch are capable of. And because of that, the game ultimately just isn’t much fun. The playbook is fine, though, and if you’re a die-hard NCAA fan, you may find something to like here. Just don’t get your hopes too high.

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