Diablo III: Reaper of Souls sales hit 2.7 million in a week

Diablo diablo reaper of soulsIII might have met some initial skepticism, but it’s still a hot property with players.

Diablo III: Reaper of Souls, the first expansion for the click-tastic role-playing game, has sold 2.7 million copies in its first week. And it’s proving nearly as popular with gaming voyeurs. Diablo III views on Twitch on the expansion’s launch day topped 2.4 million.

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Blizzard donates money from Diablo III glitch to charity

Blizzard diablo-3-auction-house-charityEntertainment is turning a potential PR disaster into a PR coup.

Last week, the developer discovered a programming bug that let players of the blockbuster role-playing game Diablo III duplicate their in-game gold, resulting in inflated prices in the game’s auction house, which uses real-world money.

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Report: Taiwanese teen dies after 40-hour Diablo III marathon

The years of anticipation for Diablo III have brought about a number of marathon play sessions since its release on May 15, but one fan’s obsession with the game has proven fatal.

An 18-year old Diablo III player in Taiwan was found dead recently after a 40-hour marathon session with the game, reports the Australian Associated Press.

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Blizzard acknowledges Diablo III endgame weaknesses

Login error messages aside, there weren’t a lot of early complaints about Blizzard’s Diablo III. But as players get more time with the game, they’re finding a few things that are less than perfect.

That’s not surprising, especially with a game that’s played as obsessively as the role-playing hit. Blizzard, though, is acknowledging that those players are right. And that’s pretty unusual.

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Blizzard puts restrictions on new Diablo III players

If you’re just now getting around to Diablo III, you might want to buy a retail copy instead of downloading one.

In its most recent patch of the game, Blizzard Entertainment has capped how far players who purchase a digital copy of the game can advance in the first 72 hours. Despite inevitable protests to the contrary, it doesn’t look like the company is planning to change its mind about the decision.

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‘Diablo III’ rules May sales charts in another down month for video games

For Activision-Blizzard, hell on earth meant a cash bonanza in May. For every other video game publisher, it was just hell.

The PC/Mac blockbuster Diablo III was the month’s top selling video game — even without taking in the title’s (presumably substantial) digital sales. But demand for the long-in-development action role-playing game couldn’t prop up the industry’s sales charts.

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‘Diablo III’ sets PC sales record

Can’t stop playing Diablo III? You and pretty much everyone else who plays computer games.

Blizzard Entertainment says the long-awaited RPG click-fest has set a record as the fastest-selling PC game of all time. Figuring out exactly how many copies the developer sold, though, gets a little complicated.

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Error message mars release of ‘Diablo III’

It’s been 12 years since Blizzard last released an installment of its popular Diablo franchise, but judging by the enormous demand that today’s release of Diablo III is seeing, it might as well have been yesterday.

The game unlocked at midnight Tuesday. Despite the late hour, however, players quickly overwhelmed the game’s servers, extending the pain of people who have been waiting to wear out their index fingers on the clickfest.

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Diablo III coming in May

After literally years of teasing fans with a release date, Diablo III is finally about to hit store shelves.

Blizzard Entertainment announced Thursday that the hotly anticipated hack-and-slash RPG will launch on May 15. Players who don’t want to waste a second jumping back into Tristram can pre-order a digital copy of the game from Battle.net now.

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