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What Dooms Innovation to the Graveyard?

In 2003, Nokia had a plan. Recognizing the enormous market the Nintendo Game Boy Advance was attracting—and being cognizant enough to realize that mobile games at the time were, frankly, terrible— the company unleashed the N-Gage, a… Continue reading

Qualcomm CEO Dr. Paul Jacobs’ Pre-CES Keynote Speech Brings Out Fast Processors, Big Bird

Qualcomm brought the stars out at its first pre-CES keynote speech. CEO Dr. Paul Jacobs is only the third person to kick off the show (Microsoft’s Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer have done… Continue reading

Paramount teams with Qualcomm for ‘Star Trek’ app

Paramount Pictures is going mobile as it ramps up promotion on “Star Trek Into Darkness.” The studio is teaming with Qualcomm to launch an app at the end of January that will let… Continue reading

Celebs boost Qualcomm’s CES first keynote

Qualcomm CEO Dr. Paul Jacobs faced a big challenge when he accepted the opening keynote position at CES this year. To date, only two people had taken the stage — Bill Gates and… Continue reading