10 Kickstarter games to watch

Not 10-kickstarter-games-broken-ageevery great game comes from the industry’s big publishers.

The rise of Kickstarter has put several intriguing titles on our radar. While there hasn’t been a real mainstream hit from the crowd-funding site yet (though games like FTL have come close), that could be about to change. Proven development talent has begun using the service to fund games that didn’t fit into the mold of traditional game publishers. Here are 10 upcoming Kickstarter-backed games that we can’t wait to get our hands on.

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Kickstarter’s 10 Biggest Success Stories

Crowd funding has been a buzzword in the start-up world for years. For most entrepreneurs, though, it was virtually mythological: While it was certainly possible to fund an idea through donations by potential customers, there was no real way to reach out to a broad audience.

Then came Kickstarter.

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How Kickstarter is changing gaming

When Double Fine Entertainment launched its crowd-sourced video game experiment on Kickstarter in early February, it was anything but a sure bet. While the funding platform had boasted a number of successfully funded projects, it had yet to chalk up any victories on the big stage.

By now, of course, everyone knows how that story ended. The developer, which had hoped to raise $400,000 to create an adventure game, took in more than $3.3 million. That opened the dam, and it wasn’t long before Kickstarter was flooded with game projects, many from well-known industry names.

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‘Once Upon A Monster’ tells gamers how to get to Sesame Street

Tim Schafer is responsible for some of the most critically-acclaimed titles in the video game industry. But when word came down that he and his team at Double Fine Productions would be making a Sesame Street game for Microsoft Kinect, it caught everyone by surprise.

Schafer’s games — which include cult-hit Psychonauts and heavy metal adventure romp Brütal Legend — are known for their quirky, adult sense of humor, making the jump to the most famous name in children’s programming a little bizarre.

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