Flappy Bird creator’s new game shoots up charts

Six swing coptersmonths after pulling down his phenomenally successful app “Flappy Bird” from app stores, the Vietnamese developer behind the viral hit has a new hit game in stores—and there are signs it might be every bit as addictive to gamers as his first.

“Swing Copters” hit both the Apple and Google app stores Thursday morning and is already garnering high praise from critics and players. It’s moving up the charts at a phenomenal pace, too. As of 2 p.m. ET, the game was already the 47th most popular app in all of Apple’s store—and the 12th most popular game.

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Flappy Bird flying back to the App store

Flappy flappybirdBird’s course is about as straight as Woodstock’s crooked flight path in the Peanuts cartoons. After being pulled months ago, the one-time mega-hit is headed back to the App store.

Creator Dong Nguyen, in a conversation with CNBC, says he will bring the game back this August after famously pulling it down in February. And he’s making some changes.

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Flappy Bird clones flood app stores, present malware risk

The flappy-birds-clonesapp world loves a good bandwagon. Once a game hits it big, it’s just a matter of time before imitators arrive. And when the developer of the original game stops selling his product, the feeding frenzy really goes into overdrive.

That’s exactly what’s happened with Flappy Bird, the game that took the app world by storm overnight only to leave just as quickly. A flood of dodgy Flappy Bird-like apps has taken its place, however, exposing users to some potential security issues.

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Phones with Flappy Bird command premium on eBay

Now flappy-birdthat Flappy Bird has flown the coop, some smart eggs are trying to capitalize on the mega-popular app’s disappearance.

Flappy Bird developer Dong Nguyen yanked the game from the Apple and Google app stores Sunday. And now that the game is no longer available, some owners are auctioning off their phones with copies of the game installed on them.

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