Flappy Bird flying back to the App store

Flappy flappybirdBird’s course is about as straight as Woodstock’s crooked flight path in the Peanuts cartoons. After being pulled months ago, the one-time mega-hit is headed back to the App store.

Creator Dong Nguyen, in a conversation with CNBC, says he will bring the game back this August after famously pulling it down in February. And he’s making some changes.

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New Deus Ex game won’t work on jailbroken devices

Planning deus-ex-jailbroken-drm-top630on playing Deus Ex: The Fall on your iPhone or iPad? Make sure your iDevice isn’t jailbroken.

Players of the recently released action game who happen to have jailbroken phones and tablets are finding quite a surprise: their guns have been disabled. Considering how often you need to shoot things in the game, that can be somewhat debilitating.

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Meet Shaq’s insane new video game

In shaqdown-top630the pantheon of terrible video games, it doesn’t get much weirder than the legendary Shaq Fu.

Shaquille O’Neal’s woeful 1994 fighting game, which starred the then-Orlando Magic center as an interdimensional kung-fu expert, is often considered one of the worst games ever. But there was something so gloriously bizarre about it that it’s gained a cult following over the years – including a group of game makers who think it’s time Shaq ends his 18 years riding the video game development bench.

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Exergaming comes to the iPad

The iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch might have some great gaming experiences, but they’re all fairly sedentary, unless you consider pulling the Angry Bird slingshot a cardio workout (in which case, we salute your level of sluggishness).

A new developer, though, is looking to change those perceptions.

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Astonishingly expensive Theme Park hits iOS

Electronic Arts is bringing the classic game Theme Park back from the dead, but the price of admission may make most players choke.

The new take on the old management simulation will be a free download for owners of iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. But if you want to build some of the better attractions in your park, it could cost you more than the original version did at retail back in 1994.

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Report: Mobile game income surpasses Nintendo/Sony handhelds

The growth of the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad as gaming devices has done plenty to worry executives at Nintendo and Sony for a while now, but new numbers from Flurry Research may cause even more agita.

The mobile analytics firm says revenues from the iOS and Android gaming markets are now higher than that generated from traditional portable systems from the two gaming giants. And in a $3.3 billion market, that’s noteworthy.

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OpenFeint Launching Cross-Platform Social Network

Gamers on Apple’s iDevices who want to compare scores can do so pretty easily through the company’s GameCenter. But what happens when their friends are playing the same game on an Android phone – or the PC?

OpenFeint is planning to build a bridge to solve the problem. The company has announced the private beta launch for OpenFeint Connect, an API solution that will allow developers to release games on any app store – for any device – and incorporate OpenFeint game data.

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