With THQ’s demise, plenty of questions remain

The thqblackfat lady has sung at THQ. After years of near misses, the company that was at one time the industry’s third largest publisher is being sold for parts.

THQ has a lot of haters in the game world, with plenty of people pointing fingers of blame at the company’s management, expansion philosophy and business methods. But any time a publisher is forced to close its doors – especially when it has titles on the near horizon that seem to have so much potential – it’s sad.

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Analysis: How Important Is This Year’s E3?

Gamasutra editor-at-large Chris Morris considers how important E3 now is to the gaming industry, noting that “the industry has changed – and so have the marketing strategies of its players.”

As the circus comes to Los Angeles and the gaming industry prepares for the weeklong bacchanalia that is E3, there’s already plenty of hype about what to expect, what will be said and what will be the biggest thing at the show.

These are all fun questions – but as E3 enters its 17th year, it’s worth a look to see if the show is as important and as relevant to the industry as it was in years past. While E3 used to be a Mecca for game developers and publishers to show off their wares, the industry has changed – and so have the marketing strategies of its players.

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