‘Godfather’ social game bypasses Facebook

It takes a lot of guts for a social game to turn its back on Facebook, but you probably would expect nothing less of a game based on the Godfather franchise.

The Godfather: Five Families has decided to bypass the largest social networking site and launch exclusively on Google+.

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The Godfather starts social game turf war

Don Vito Corleone is about to make social network game fans an offer. Think they’re going to refuse it?

Kabam, the company behind Global Warfare and Kingdoms of Camelot, and Paramount, the studio behind “The Godfather” film series, are working together to bring the classic crime saga to social network sites.

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Paramount bringing new Godfather game to social networks

The Godfather is getting a second go-round in the video game world.

Paramount and game developer Kabam are teaming up to bring the story of the Corleones to social networks, likely including Facebook and Google+ – the first time the series has ventured into the casual gaming space.

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