Awesome extras for the gamer in your life

While holiday-games-800x600-awesomeextras-shorterwe’d all like to get our favorite gamer an Xbox One or PlayStation 4 this holiday season, the laws of supply and demand – not to mention simple economics – make that impossible. That doesn’t mean you’re stuck searching for a game he or she may or may not already own, though.

The video game culture extends far beyond games. There are loads of accessories and extras that will make you a holiday hero. Here are a few alternate suggestions worthy of your consideration…

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Beyond the screen: Non-game gifts for gamers

Holiday shopping for gamers should, in theory, be an easy affair. After all, with so many titles on the market, it’s just a matter of choosing the best one, right?

But there’s a good chance your gamer already has a copy of what you’re buying. Or, perhaps, he or she isn’t a fan of the blockbuster that GameStop or Best Buy employee assured you was a surefire winner. And gift cards? They’re just so impersonal.

Video game culture, thankfully, extends beyond games themselves. Here are a few alternative suggestions you might want to consider:

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