Beyond the screen: Non-game gifts for gamers

Holiday shopping for gamers should, in theory, be an easy affair. After all, with so many titles on the market, it’s just a matter of choosing the best one, right?

But there’s a good chance your gamer already has a copy of what you’re buying. Or, perhaps, he or she isn’t a fan of the blockbuster that GameStop or Best Buy employee assured you was a surefire winner. And gift cards? They’re just so impersonal.

Video game culture, thankfully, extends beyond games themselves. Here are a few alternative suggestions you might want to consider:

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Lost finale sets BitTorrent record

The “Lost” finale may not have set a ratings record, but pirates absolutely loved it.

TorrentFreak, a news site that covers the file sharing industry, reports the May 23 finale has broken all previous download records – with nearly 1 million people downloading the concluding chapters of the show in less than one day.

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The last hurrah of ‘Lost’ – video games?

While the fates of Jack, Sawyer, Hurley, et al were sealed in last night’s finale to “Lost,” the show may have one more trick up its sleeve.

“Rock Band” will reportedly add the biggest songs from the show’s soundtrack to its collection of downloadable titles later this week – giving you the chance to play both Driveshaft’s “You All Everybody” and Geronimo Jackon’s “Dharma Lady”. The songs are expected to come from the Rock Band Network, meaning Xbox 360 will get them first (and perhaps exclusively).

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