Awesome extras for the gamer in your life

While holiday-games-800x600-awesomeextras-shorterwe’d all like to get our favorite gamer an Xbox One or PlayStation 4 this holiday season, the laws of supply and demand – not to mention simple economics – make that impossible. That doesn’t mean you’re stuck searching for a game he or she may or may not already own, though.

The video game culture extends far beyond games. There are loads of accessories and extras that will make you a holiday hero. Here are a few alternate suggestions worthy of your consideration…

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Logitech dubs Google TV box “a big mistake”

It’s rare that a company is this candid about one of its products.

Logitech CEO Guerrino De Luca, in an earnings conference call with investors this week, dubbed the company’s Google TV set top box – officially called the Logitech Revue – “a big mistake” and said the company had no plans to build future versions of the product.

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Google’s Growing Troubles With Google TV

Google TV just can’t catch a break – and the repercussions could reach beyond the search giant.

The Web-meets-TV set-top box was meant to make it easy for users to find whatever video they were looking for on their television sets—both on the air and online. But the number of content providers who are blocking access from Google TV has grown steadily since the service’s launch. Hulu was first, but it wasn’t long before the networks were also preventing the service from streaming their video content.