Critics pour acid on Aliens: Colonial Marines

In aliens-review-roundup-top630space, no one can hear you scream…unless you’re screaming obscenities about the new Aliens video game. We’re hearing that loud and clear.

Critics are eviscerating Aliens: Colonial Marines, Gearbox’s long-anticipated game/sequel to 20thCentury Fox’s film franchise, making the horrors the game’s xenomorphs inflict seem paltry by comparison.

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James Cameron lobbies for Avatar MMO

The first video game adaptation of James Cameron’s Avatar wasn’t exactly a hit with players, but the director/3D visionary isn’t ready to give up on the idea.

Cameron noted recently that he believes the franchise is ideally suited for a massively multiplayer online game, much like “World of Warcraft” or the upcoming “Star Wars: The Old Republic”.

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Avatar 3D finally headed to homes

The marketing relationship James Cameron and Panasonic struck in the fall of 2009 continues to bear fruit. Panasonic today announced that the 3D Blu-ray version of “Avatar” would be available exclusively to buyers of its 3D TV sets.

From now through Jan.1, consumers who buy a Vierra 3D TV will receive a copy of the film – which has previously only been available in 2D in homes – as well as two pairs of rechargeable 3D glasses.

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