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Microsoft Reaps Benefits of In-Game Advertising

Four years after buying a company dedicated to in-game advertising,Microsoft is finally starting to see some real results. Stalled by the recession and companies who were initially hesitant to sink part of their… Continue reading

An October launch for Project Natal? Don’t bet the farm

Take this one with a grain of salt: A really big grain. Gamertag Radio has footage of a purported Microsoft executive from Saudi Arabia claiming that the company’s motion control device – currently… Continue reading

More console price cuts may be coming this year, say analysts

Thinking about buying an Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 or even a Wii? You might want to wait a while longer. Game industry analysts say another round of price cuts could be on the way. On some… Continue reading

So much for Microsoft’s tablet – and maybe HP’s, too

Want a sign of how strong the iPad is? The device, which releases its 3G version Friday, has caused Microsoft to blink – and cancel its plans for a tablet device of its… Continue reading

Windows Media Center coming to the set-top box?

Microsoft is looking to expand the footprint of its Windows 7 Media Center – and that could have folks at Tivo real nervous.   The company today announced that it was releasing what… Continue reading