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Kindle sales on track for record quarter

It was pretty much a foregone conclusion that the Kindle would be a hot seller in the fourth quarter. The combination of the holiday season and a new, lower priced device made it… Continue reading

Are things about to get more reasonable at Hulu Plus?

When Hulu announced plans to finally make its streaming service available beyond the PC, people cheered – until they heard the details. Subscribers to Hulu Plus would have to pay a $9.95 monthly… Continue reading

Spector: ‘Epic Mickey’ changes didn’t come from Disney

Warren Spector has lots of reasons to be happy. He was a featured presented at this year’s Nintendo press conference and his latest title “Epic Mickey” was one of the standout games of… Continue reading

Hands on with the Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo may have a huge hit on its hands.  The Nintendo 3DS – the company’s Hail Mary pass to turn heads away from the Apple juggernaut is a rare thing that seems able… Continue reading

Microsoft dates Kinect – and launches a new console

The rumor mill might have ruined Microsoft’s announcement of a slim Xbox 360– but the company still had a surprise up its sleeve. The revamped console, which comes equipped with a 250 GB… Continue reading

Goodbye Natal, hello Kinect

And just like that, Microsoft’s Project Natal has a new name: Kinect The company unveiled the retail name of its gesture-recognition controller Sunday at an over-the-top event that featured everything from a performance… Continue reading

Welcome to the 3D gaming world

We knew it was coming – and today Sony has made it official. The PlayStation 3 now supports stereoscopic 3D games. PS3 owners who happen to have a 3D set can download a… Continue reading

How big is Red Dead Redemption?

The jokes were pretty easy when “Red Dead Redemption” was announced… “Grand Theft Horse” cynics called it. “Yet Another Doomed Western” was another popular phrase.  Today, we can wipe those snarky asides away… Continue reading

Do ‘Modern Warfare 2’ execs have an E3 surprise coming?

Jason West and Vince Zampella, whose abrupt dismissal from Activision earlier this year shocked the gaming world, are teasing an announcement next week – in the heart of E3 – that has both… Continue reading

SOE, LucasArts team to launch ‘Clone Wars’ virtual world

The Cartoon Network has seen a lot of success with its animated series “The Clone Wars”. Now Sony Online Entertainment (“EverQuest,” “Free Realms”) and LucasArts are teaming up to bring the pivotal tale… Continue reading