The Search for the Next Microsoft CEO May Turn Inward

Less julie larson greenthan a year ago, much of the world hadn’t heard of Julie Larson-Green.

Today, plenty of people are talking about her.

As the search for a new CEO at Microsoft continues, most eyes are focused outside the company. But those who are looking internally have Larson-Green on their radar. The person some insiders view as Steve Ballmer’s “heir apparent” has spent 20 years building a strong and respected presence within the company. Not bad for someone who was told “no thanks” the first time she applied at the company.


All You Can Read — For a Monthly Fee

E-bookworms oysterhave a lot more to chew on these days.

While some public libraries around the country offer digital copies of books, the selections are generally rather limited. But a pair of new services is putting the entire card catalog at the fingertips of tablet and smartphone owners. Both Scribd and Oyster began offering e-book subscription services this month, giving avid readers access to a library of thousands of titles for a small monthly charge. (Scribd asks $9 per month, while Oyster charges $10.) Call it the Netflix-ization of the literary world.


My Status, Myself

While facebook findingsoversharing on Facebook is nothing new, we might be giving a lot more information than we realize in our posts. Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania recently did a deep dive into Facebook status updates and found that the social media site offers a new lens through which to analyze personalities. While some of their findings were “face valid” — i.e., people who live in the mountains talk about mountains — this large study did yield some new hypothesis and insights about men, women and certain personality types.