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All You Can Read — For a Monthly Fee

E-bookworms have a lot more to chew on these days. While some public libraries around the country offer digital copies of books, the selections are generally rather limited. But a pair of new… Continue reading

CES 2013: The Innovators of Television

With over-the-top platforms proliferating and social media changing the way we interact with content, the traditional tube is on the way out. These 10 pioneers are launching technologies and making deals to transform… Continue reading

Redbox Instant keeps focus on movies

The looming public launch of Redbox Instant by Verizon appears to be an escalation of the war between Redbox and Netflix. But the streaming service plans to focus on movies, rather than a… Continue reading

Top 10 Disruptors Empowering Consumers

Every now and then, a product or business comes along that manages to shift a paradigm, completely changing the way consumers interact with goods and services. Such disruption, though, often comes at the… Continue reading

America’s Radio News Network: Aug. 2, 2012

Every Thursday, I join Chris Salcedo and Lori Lundin on the mid-day edition of America’s Radio News Network to discuss trends and news in the technology and video game space. This week’s topics were… Continue reading

Amazon fights multi-front war

Remember when Amazon.com was just an online bookstore? As the Internet has evolved, Jeff Bezos and company have transformed with it. And while the site is certainly a retail powerhouse and dominates the… Continue reading

Mixed news on Netflix earnings

While Netflix saw its net income take a hit in the fourth quarter, the news wasn’t all-bad. The company beat estimates and more importantly saw its streaming business grow, despite a series of… Continue reading

The TV’s turn for an extreme makeover

The living room television set is starting to look a little long in the tooth. With hundreds of TV channels to choose from, thousands of on-demand shows at people’s fingertips (plus thousands more… Continue reading

Does the demise of Qwikser mean no game rentals for Netflix?

Plenty of people are celebrating Netflix’ decision to scrub plans to separate its DVD-by-mail and streaming services, but nowhere are the cheers louder than at the corporate HQ of leading video game rental company, GameFly.… Continue reading

Netflix nabs DreamWorks, Amazon signs Fox

After taking a number of body blows following its decision to hike fees and split its streaming and DVD operations, Netflix is rallying back, announcing a groundbreaking agreement giving it exclusive first-run rights… Continue reading