Sony raises – yes, raises – the price of the PlayStation 4 in Canada

Typically, ps4-hrdware-large18-1console prices obey the rules of gravity: they fall. But in Canada, things are just plain loony. Er, loonie.

Sony is reportedly raising the price of the PlayStation 4 by $50 in the country. DualShock 4 controller and PlayStation Camera prices are also on the rise, each climbing $5.

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Sony wins fans, regains cred at memorable E3 press conference

Game. sony-ps4-reactions-top630Set. Match?

Sony did something very un-Sony like at its E3 press conference this year: it went into ferocious attack mode, identifying every one of the Xbox One’s perceived weaknesses and exploiting them.

And in the process, it earned some new fans. Lots of them.

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