Gearbox’s Pitchford on Aliens’ evolution

If Randy Pitchford’s gut is right, you have Gearbox Software co-founder Brian Martel to thank for this summer’s movie Prometheus.

Several years ago, Martel sat down with Ridley Scott to talk about Blade Runner and Alien. As the two discussed the landmark science fiction films, Scott brought out the original, by-then-dust covered storyboards to Alien and began to animatedly discuss the franchise and his love for it.

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Activision launching specialized Call of Duty programming Friday

The launch window has been a rocky one for Activision’s Call of Duty Elite, but even with a few bugs remaining, the publisher is ready to start ramping things up.

This Friday, members of the subscription service will get the chance to see the first installment of Friday Night Fights, an original entertainment series that’s produced by Ridley Scott and Tony Scott’s RSA Films.

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Director Ridley Scott answers Activison’s Call of Duty

Activision is bringing in some Hollywood heavyweights to help it entertain the Call of Duty social community.

Director Ridley Scott, whose hits include “Alien,” “Blade Runner” and “Gladiator,” is leading the charge on “episodic entertainment” that will be available exclusively to Call of Duty: Elite subscribers. Included among the other contributors are actors Will Arnett and Jason Bateman.

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