Where to find tips for top holiday video games

The holiday-tipsweek between Christmas and New Year’s Day is joyful for gamers. With no school, work or any real responsibilities distracting you from that stack of new games you just unwrapped, it’s the perfect time for some serious play.

Until, that is, you run into a puzzle you can’t solve, a boss you can’t beat, or a map that leaves you disoriented.

Don’t worry — there’s plenty of help online. Here’s where to find fast answers to your questions about the season’s biggest titles.

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Activision launching specialized Call of Duty programming Friday

The launch window has been a rocky one for Activision’s Call of Duty Elite, but even with a few bugs remaining, the publisher is ready to start ramping things up.

This Friday, members of the subscription service will get the chance to see the first installment of Friday Night Fights, an original entertainment series that’s produced by Ridley Scott and Tony Scott’s RSA Films.

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Director Ridley Scott answers Activison’s Call of Duty

Activision is bringing in some Hollywood heavyweights to help it entertain the Call of Duty social community.

Director Ridley Scott, whose hits include “Alien,” “Blade Runner” and “Gladiator,” is leading the charge on “episodic entertainment” that will be available exclusively to Call of Duty: Elite subscribers. Included among the other contributors are actors Will Arnett and Jason Bateman.

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Analysis: What Long-Term Impact Could COD: Elite bring?

Gamasutra editor-at-large Chris Morris examines Activision’s move to bring a subscription option toCall of Duty players, and how the decision could hint at a wider subscription strategy at the publisher.

So now it’s official. The long-awaited (and, in some cases, long-feared) subscription service for Call of Duty is a reality. And while players pore through the previews and press release to determine exactly what Elite entails, I’m finding it a lot more interesting to look further down the road.

Make no mistake, Elite is a bold move by Activision – and one that could ultimately change the way the industry operates when it comes to user communities and digital add-ons.

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Activision Finds New Way to Monetize ‘Call of Duty’

“Call of Duty” might be the best selling franchise in the video game industry, but Activision-Blizzard is looking to double down on its earnings potential.

The company has unveiled a subscription-based online service called “Call of Duty: Elite” that will provide extra content for players, including map packs and social network functionality for players.

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