10 awesome video games you’ll never play

Whether cancelled gamesdue to poor execution, game-crashing bugs, or corner-cutting development, sometimes the game you’ve been looking forward to the most turns out to be a waste of time and money. But nothing’s more wasteful than a great game that never comes out.

No matter how good a game might look in previews, publishers routinely kill off titles for a variety of reasons, often to the consternation of players. The latest victim? World of Darkness, an online vampire game that held tremendous promise. But instead of turning us into undead legends, it’s just another awesome game we’ll never get the chance to play.

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Gritty new ‘Star Wars 1313′ has fans buzzing

LucasArts is turning to the Dark Side for its next Star Wars game.

Not the Dark Side of the Force, mind you. It’s done that several times already. Nope, this time the publisher is hoping to explore a darker, more mature side of the sci-fi universe in a new game called Star Wars 1313.

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