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Is this the geekiest wedding ever?

Kristin and Zachary make no effort to hide their love of all things nerdy, including each other. So when they decided to tie the knot, they were determined to let their geek flag… Continue reading

Eight board games you never knew existed

Pop culture is a melting pot. Crossovers are common, but occasionally we’re still taken off guard (like when eagle-eyed viewers spotted R2-D2 in J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek: Into Darkness). Surprisingly, many of the… Continue reading

Beloved role-playing great Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic hits iPad

The history of Star Wars games is filled with hits and misses. For every Battlefront, there’s a Masters of Teras Kasi. But Bioware’s Knights of the Old Republic, released in 2003, has always… Continue reading

Full-sized X-Wing fighter is the largest LEGO model ever

There’s a difference between being a Star Wars fan and being a Star Wars fanatic. We’re pretty sure the folks at LEGO fall into the latter camp. Tourists who wander into Times Square… Continue reading

Lego Star Wars toy resembles mosque, critics say

Lego is being called culturally insensitive after releasing a model of “Star Wars” gangster Jabba the Hutt’s palace that closely resembles a Turkish mosque. Lego says it will stop selling the toy –… Continue reading

X-Wing and Death Star battle again on Kickstarter

Begun the clone wars have. Though the U.S. government decided not to fund research into a Death Star, Star Wars fans longing to witness the power of a fully armed and operational battle station have… Continue reading

The Force is with Angry Birds Star Wars. No, really.

You could be forgiven for thinking the combination of Angry Birds and Star Wars is little more than an unholy marketing union. The mash-up, on the surface, at least, has potential disaster written… Continue reading

What does the Disney/Lucas deal mean for gamers?

While there are roughly fifteen trillion (a conservative estimate) debates and arguments raging online about whether Disney taking over the Star Wars franchise is a good or bad thing, George Lucas’ prominent video game arm… Continue reading

Beyond Films, Here’s How Disney Will Cash in on Lucas Deal

The surprise acquisition of Lucasfilm by Disney Tuesday will certainly shake up the film world, but the deal also looks set to have substantial ripple effects in other parts of the entertainment industry. Disney and Lucasfilm… Continue reading

Is the MMO dying?

Just a few short years ago, massively-multiplayer online games (MMOs) were considered the future of gaming. Virtually every publisher was running one, building one, or contemplating one. A lot of those failed. A… Continue reading