Nintendo: Over 650 million systems sold

Sales nintendo-consoles-ltd-topnumbers for the Wii U might be terrible, but Nintendo would like to remind you that it hasn’t always had a hard time selling stuff.

Over the course of its 30 years as a video game company, Nintendo has sold nearly 269 million consoles and more than 385 million handheld units, according to the company’s just released annual report.

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Wii sales nosedive

While December was a grim month overall for the video game industry, it was particularly brutal for Nintendo. Wii hardware sales were down a whopping 55 percent compared to a year ago, a clear sign that interest in the once-hot console has dried up.

All of the major consoles saw sales declines last month, but they were muted compared to Nintendo’s drop. The Xbox 360 was off 8 percent and the PlayStation 3 saw sales fall 22 percent.

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