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Another snow storm on the way, PlowTracker and SnowOps Viewer ride to the rescue

By any conceivable measure, it has been a particulary vicious winter across the U.S. Buffalo kicked things off with a 70-inch plus storm last November. Syracuse has seen snow continuously since Jan. 29.… Continue reading

Tapped In: The sweet taste of sour beers makes a comeback

Valentine’s Day may be generally associated with sweetness, but if you want to win the heart of a craft beer lover, sour is the way to go this year. Tangy, sour tasting beers… Continue reading

Tapped in: Craft breweries usher in a beer can revival

Eighty years ago, the beer industry had a breakthrough. The Gottfried Krueger brewery in Richmond, Va, working with the American Can Co., was the first beer maker to put beer in a can—and… Continue reading

Did Budweiser misfire with its anti-craft beer Super Bowl ad?

Budweiser’s Super Bowl commercial reuniting a lost puppy with its best friend, a member of the company’s iconic Clydesdale horse squad, might have melted hearts Sunday night, but the company’s other ad choice… Continue reading

Tapped In: 8 craft beers for your Super Bowl party

This Sunday’s match-up of the Seattle Seahawks and New England Patriots is more than the epic conclusion to the NFL season — it’s a great excuse to throw a party for friends. And… Continue reading