Another snow storm on the way, PlowTracker and SnowOps Viewer ride to the rescue

By A man plows a sidewalk after a snow storm in the Brooklyn borough of New Yorkany conceivable measure, it has been a particulary vicious winter across the U.S.

Buffalo kicked things off with a 70-inch plus storm last November. Syracuse has seen snow continuously since Jan. 29. And the Boston area has been repeatedly hammered – seeing over 95 inches of the white stuff so far this year – with more on the way.


Tapped In: The sweet taste of sour beers makes a comeback

Valentine’s Kim JordanDay may be generally associated with sweetness, but if you want to win the heart of a craft beer lover, sour is the way to go this year.

Tangy, sour tasting beers are the hottest trend in the craft world these days – and they’re resulting in some really interesting (and really tasty) concoctions.


Tapped in: Craft breweries usher in a beer can revival

Eighty LYONS, COLO. - September 24, 2003 - Dale Katechis , left, owner, and Brian Lutz , brewmaster, hold freshly canned six-packs of Dale's Pale Ale  in the brew house of Oskar Blues Brewery  in Lyons, CO Wednesday afternoon, 9/24/03. Packagingyears ago, the beer industry had a breakthrough. The Gottfried Krueger brewery in Richmond, Va, working with the American Can Co., was the first beer maker to put beer in a can—and it was an immediate and overwhelming success.

These days, cans are less associated with fine beer—and generally thought of as the container of choice for brands like Bud Light and Pabst Blue Ribbon. But as craft breweries expand their footprint and distribution boundaries, the can is making a comeback.


Did Budweiser misfire with its anti-craft beer Super Bowl ad?

Budweiser’s budweiser super bowl adSuper Bowl commercial reuniting a lost puppy with its best friend, a member of the company’s iconic Clydesdale horse squad, might have melted hearts Sunday night, but the company’s other ad choice lit a fire under fans of craft beer.

The ad — entitled “Brewed the Hard Way” — seemingly mocked not only craft beer, but also the people who enjoy it, a move that proved to be both tone deaf and embarrassing for the company.


Tapped In: 8 craft beers for your Super Bowl party

This Inside A JD Wetherspoon Plc Public HouseSunday’s match-up of the Seattle Seahawks and New England Patriots is more than the epic conclusion to the NFL season — it’s a great excuse to throw a party for friends. And if you’re hosting, you don’t want to screw it up.

Last year, Americans spent just shy of $536 million on beer during the Big Game, according to Nielsen. And as we get more selective about what we drink, it’s critical to have the right choices on hand. (Interesting side note: The Super Bowl is only the ninth most-popular “beer holiday” of the year.)

Budweiser may be all over the commercial breaks — with seven planned spots — but the savvy host will offer a good assortment of craft beers. Here are a few good options that will complement the game — but don’t have an alcohol content that’s so high you’ll miss the second half.