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PlayStation 4: What Sony Should and Shouldn’t Do

Sony has made it pretty clear: The PlayStation 4 will not be a topic of discussion at this year’s E3. That’s taken the wind out of the sails of the rumor mill, but just… Continue reading

Xbox 720: What Microsoft Should And Shouldn’t Do

In his latest IG column, veteran journo Chris Morris addresses the Xbox 720 rumormill and offers up advice for Microsoft’s next console. As whispers of a looming next generation Xbox announcement grow to… Continue reading

Nintendo President Satoru Iwata’s Job At Risk?

The news that Nintendo will lose money this fiscal year for the first time in its history as a publicly traded company wasn’t entirely unexpected, but that didn’t make it any less shocking.… Continue reading

Nintendo Wii U: 5 Major Challenges to Overcome

There’s a hard and fast rule in the gaming world: Never bet against Nintendo. That’s still true, despite the Wii’s ugly tumble from the top and the underwhelming rollout of the 3DS –… Continue reading

Square Enix’s Handling of ‘Racism’ Case: A Page from Sony Playbook?

IndustryGamers is pleased to present you with our first column from new contributor Chris Morris, a veteran journalist who’s written for CNN and Forbes, among other publications. The tempest in a teapot surrounding… Continue reading