Final Fantasy Cafe set to open in Japan

Generally, final fantasy cafewhen the video game world meets the real world, the results are either corny or fanboy-focused. But Square Enix’s latest venture is a different story altogether.

The Final Fantasy XIV-themed Eorzea Cafe, which opens tomorrow, is shaping up to be a high-class establishment that blends haute cuisine with an environment evoking the spirit of the game. A yellow light, meant to simulate the sunset in the city-state of Gridania, permeates the cafe.

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Tomb Raider sales near 6 million

It tomb-raider-salestook a while, but Lara Croft’s rebirth is finally paying off.

Publisher Square Enix has announced that cumulative sales of last year’s acclaimed reboot of the iconic series are closing in on 6 million units. The company says that puts the game on track to become the best-selling Lara Croft game of all time.

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Hitman Facebook game under fire for encouraging cyberbullying

Agent hire-hitman-top63047 just can’t seem to avoid trouble.

Just months after the newly released stealth game Hitman: Absolution got into hot water for a risqué game trailer, the game’s publisher is finding itself on the defensive once again for a PR gaffe that some say encourages cyberbullying.

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Square Enix’s Handling of ‘Racism’ Case: A Page from Sony Playbook?

IndustryGamers is pleased to present you with our first column from new contributor Chris Morris, a veteran journalist who’s written for CNN and Forbes, among other publications.

The tempest in a teapot surrounding a non-player character in Deus Ex: Human Revolution is threatening to become a full-fledged storm – and Square Enix only has itself to blame.

The publisher’s response to the controversy over Letitia the Trash Lady fell short of what it needed to be, coming across as defensive and guarded, rather than apologetic. If this sounds somewhat familiar, there’s a good reason. That’s exactly the stance Sony took in April, when word first emerged that its online network had been compromised.

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Hackers hit another video game publisher

As Sony continues to struggle with its recent cyberattack, another video game publisher has had its database hacked.

Square Enix has confirmed hackers gained access to a database on Wednesday, taking 25,000 email addresses along with 350 employee resumes.

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Tomb Raider to get rebooted…again

Lara Croft is, in some ways, the gaming equivalent of the Mustang. At her core, she rarely changes, but that doesn’t stop fans from getting all worked up when she gets a new look.

Square-Enix is hoping to shake things up in a more dramatic fashion with the series’ next installment, dubbed simply “Tomb Raider.”

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