New Deus Ex game won’t work on jailbroken devices

Planning deus-ex-jailbroken-drm-top630on playing Deus Ex: The Fall on your iPhone or iPad? Make sure your iDevice isn’t jailbroken.

Players of the recently released action game who happen to have jailbroken phones and tablets are finding quite a surprise: their guns have been disabled. Considering how often you need to shoot things in the game, that can be somewhat debilitating.

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Warren Spector’s lessons learned from Epic Mickey

Warren Spector has never been afraid to polarize gamers. He is, in many ways, the epitome of the “go big or go home” style of game making – and he’ll be the first to tell you that he’d rather fail in spectacular fashion than do something that bores him.

But there has never been a split like Epic Mickey. It was a game that was beloved by some and ripped to shreds by others. It was the best selling single-platform game in Disney’s history — but critics thumped Disney for leaving money on the table, citing the game’s decision to release exclusively on the Nintendo Wii and its post-Thanksgiving release date.

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Another lousy month for video game sales

August, traditionally, is when game sales start to rev up for the holiday season. This year, though, they sputtered and died.

With the release date of Electronic Arts annual Madden football franchise moved to the end of the month, retail sales plummeted in August, falling 37 percent as compared to last year. Overall, year over year sales were down 23 percent.

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August video game sales hit a new low

Everyone was expecting bad news from video game retailers in August.

And everyone was right.

The NPD Group reports that year over year sales were down 23 percent, with software sales tumbling 37 percent. August, historically, has been a rebound month for the industry, but EA’s decision to move the release of the annual Madden entry to the end of the month torpedoed any chance of that happening this year.

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Square Enix’s Handling of ‘Racism’ Case: A Page from Sony Playbook?

IndustryGamers is pleased to present you with our first column from new contributor Chris Morris, a veteran journalist who’s written for CNN and Forbes, among other publications.

The tempest in a teapot surrounding a non-player character in Deus Ex: Human Revolution is threatening to become a full-fledged storm – and Square Enix only has itself to blame.

The publisher’s response to the controversy over Letitia the Trash Lady fell short of what it needed to be, coming across as defensive and guarded, rather than apologetic. If this sounds somewhat familiar, there’s a good reason. That’s exactly the stance Sony took in April, when word first emerged that its online network had been compromised.

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