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Average vidgamer older, more affluent

The acne-ridden teenage slacker gamer has long been a media cliche, but new demographic data shows just how far off those assumptions were. Today’s average gamer is 34 years old, according to a… Continue reading

Game industry stressed to impress

The videogame industry has one mission in mind during next week’s Electronic Entertainment Expo: It needs to impress. Sales are down across the board for hardware and software so far this year, with… Continue reading

Rdio banks on clouds

The founders of two of the Internet’shighest profile ventures are getting into the music business. Janus Friis and Niklas Zennstrom, co-founders of Kazaa and Skype, are teaming once again to unveil Rdio (pronounced… Continue reading

Video games gaining more time

Core gamers are the lifeblood of the video game industry, buying more titles and playing more frequently than anyone else. They are the film world’s equivalent of the equivalent of the film world’s… Continue reading

Bach, Allard out at Microsoft

Two of the most visible faces in Microsoft’s entertainment and devices division are leaving the company. Microsoft today announced the departure of president Robbie Bach and chief experience officer J Allard.  Bach is retiring… Continue reading

Vidgames make Hollywood play

Five years ago, the relationship between the videogame world and major studios was pretty straightforward. Hollywood made movies — and game companies licensed those films to create games. The “Tomb Raider” and “Resident… Continue reading

Videogamers to play in 3D

Stereoscopic 3D gaming hasn’t really caught on, but it has certainly captured its share of headlines over the past 12 months. Now, one of the videogame industry’s largest publishers says it expects the… Continue reading

Review: Alan Wake

Story is typically an afterthought in videogames. The intense focus on gameplay elements (and often graphics) leaves little room for a well-thought-out tale, let alone a nuanced one. “Alan Wake” is an exception… Continue reading

Gaming’s bite-sized bonanza

“FarmVille” seems an unlikely competitor to games like “Grand Theft Auto” and “Modern Warfare 2,” but start counting the number of regular players, and the unassuming Facebook game might surprise you. More than… Continue reading

Supreme Court to review vidgame law

The U.S. Supreme Court’s decision to review a California law banning sale or rental of violent games to children is raising concern within the videogame industry, which has a great deal at stake… Continue reading