America’s Radio News Network – May 10

Every Thursday, I join Chris Salcedo and Lori Lundin on the mid-day edition of America’s Radio News Network to discuss trends and news in the technology and video game space. (Dana Mills sat in for the vacationing Lori today.) This week’s topics were Microsoft’s $99 Xbox 360 offer – and the strings attached to it, shocking statistics on Facebook privacy and a look ahead to next week’s Facebook IPO – and exactly how rich it will make Mark Zuckerberg.

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Xbox 360 at $99: How It Could Change The Industry, Or Fail Miserably

It’s hard to keep a secret in the video game world.

Microsoft’s confirmation this week that it will offer the Xbox 360 for just $99 (with a $15 per month Xbox Live subscription) was a bit anti-climatic after the news leaked last week. But spoiled surprises don’t necessarily negate a move’s impact.


Microsoft makes $99 Xbox 360 official – with a few catches

After a week of speculation, Microsoft has formally announced plans to offer a subscription-based Xbox 360/Kinect bundle requiring a two-year paid commitment.

Customers will pay $99 for a 4 GB Xbox 360 and Kinect up front, then will pay $15 per month for the next two years. They’ll enjoy an Xbox Live Gold subscription during that time period, but no additional functionality in the service.

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